Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pub review: Rose & Crown, Kew

I was on my way home last night and in need of a pint and some food. As I was driving through Kew, I spotted the Rose & Crown. A nice pub by the green. There was plenty of parking around the green.

I ordered a pint and a mixed grill - at £13, very expensive - from a very helpful barman and settled to a seat by a window overlooking the green. Earlier in the day it would have been a lovely view.

The pub was very quiet. Too quiet, really, for that time of night.

The food seemed a long time in coming, but I had a newspaper to occupy me, and when it came, I was pleased to see a generous platter. Chips, two sausages, steak, ham steak, two eggs. Tartare sauce was supplied without demur. In a proper pot too, not a little packet. The food was great, except the chef needs to learn that a steak ordered rare is not cooked well done. I was too hungry to complain too much - the steak was still good.

I'd go there again.

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